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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum system required to run Floreant POS

Visit technical specification page

Installed Floreant POS but cannot run it

Visit Floreant POS site check the support page.   

How can I add new food and categories?

A. Login as administrator ( default password 1111) and go to the back office. Follow the sequence
-Create a Modifier Group
example : "Cheese"

B. Create new modifiers
& attach to that group
example: "Bleu Cheese", "Chedder", "Paperjack", "Provole", "American", "Swiss" . Then add them in Modifier group "Cheese".
C. Create Food groups

example: "Sandwitch"
D. Create Food item and attach group and modifiers
example: "Club sandwitch" and add optional modifier "Cheese". You can also tell 1 type of cheese will be included in price
E. Create new menu category and attach foods in that menu.

example: "Lunch" . Add "Sandwitch" in Lunch. So clicking it will show different types of sandwitches available in Lunch 

screen shots:

Menu setup for Fast food & Carry outs

- Skip Modifiers. If your modifiers have fixed price. They can be in a separate Category.  
- Skip Shiftwise pricing. You can create different items when they have diff price. like "2 Egg Bfast Deal"
- Hide ticket merging and group editing options from back office and only use "Take out"

Different download sites shows different version. I am confused

Visit latest version of POS from and latest beta from

What hardware has been tested with your POS?

How can do access control / assign limited access to my employees.

- Login as administrator and go to Back office
- Create user types 
- Assign operations you prefer to user type. In some case same user may work as multiple role.

Can I assign two user type to one user?

- No, floreant does not allow multiple role. If you must need it contact for paid pro version.

How can I change our restaurant name and address in the reports and tickets

Login as administrator and do it in config menu.

How can I obtain source code of Florant POS

- Directly download source code tarball from Floreant POS Download 
- If you are using Subversion client you can do this

svn co floreantpos

How can I build web based front end for Floreant POS

Floreant POS support MySQL and Postgresql. You can connect PHP or any other script to develop web based system.

Connecting PHP 5.3 and Derby Apache Database or PDO or DB2 functions