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Downloading source code

Update (June 2014), To download source code use:  svn checkout svn:// floreantpos-code

Click source forge link to download tarball. But this is not recommended since source code is changing frequently and a better way is to use Subversion client where you can keep track of changes. If you are new to subversion  you can find one of the clients that matches you.
  • Getting the Subversion (SVN) Client for Windows

You have two choice here, the first one is you can get a command line svn client or if you prefer to have graphical based svn client you can also use it, but no matter which svn client you choose (cli or gui), i’ll write the steps below. So feel free to choose which svn client you prefer :)

Using Command Line SVN Client

1. First you need to grab the Subversion Command Line SVN Client from

(actually there’s a more recent version of subversion but since you need to register in order to download the file above link will work for you)

2. Now all you have to do is just install it into the location of your choice

3. In order to test whether the SVN has been installed properly and you can run it anywhere from the command line, now you need to open command line and then type svn. And if you get the same message as shown below, that means subversion have been installed properly on your system

From Command line
- Go to your directory where you want to download source code

- svn co floreantpos
Subversion Test

  • Using Tortoise SVN GUI Client

1. First you need to download the client from (don’t forget to choose the correct release for your system)

2. Install it and when prompted to restart your computer choose yes to restart your computer (or no if you plan on manually restarting your computer at later time)

3. Now if you can see below image when you right click anywhere that means TortoiseSVN has been installed properly

Tortoise SVN for Windows

From GUI select folder you want to download source code and then check out floreantpos

Acknowledgement: Reaper-X documentation

Compilation of source code

Downloading and Installing Ant 

Before installing Ant make sure you have JDK latest version is installed in your machine.

For this tutorial download ant from  and unzip the file into your favorite directory.

Set the class path to the bin directory of the ant.

Let's assume that Ant is installed in c:\ant\. The following code has to be put into autoexec.bat file:

set ANT_HOME=c:\ant
set JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.3
set PATH=%PATH%;%ANT_HOME%\bin

Testing Ant

Go to command prompt and issue the following command.


Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!Build failed


If every this is installed correctly Ant will give the above message.

Now its time to do some work with Ant.

Ant uses configuration file called build.xml to work. This is the file where you defines the process of compiling, building and deploying.

Go to source code folder  and run "ant" and wait for successful compilation.  Example:

If you have checked out floreantpos in c:\floreantpos,

1. Goto c:\floreantpos from command line

2. Run "ant" (without the quote)

This will create a folder "dist" in c:\floreantpos, in which you can find

If you just want to compile and do not want to make the dist, then write 'ant compile'. This will compile the source code.