Project Definition


Floreant POS is an Enterprise Grade open source Point of Sale application that greatly benefits Restaurant business simplifying order management, automation of kitchen and keeping control of cash.

The Purpose (Mission)
  • To benefit Restaurants with quality Information management system
  • Make it free and let anyone access source code to improve over all quality
  • Develop application in incremental fashion and add new features based on stakeholders' input.

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Touch screen order managment: Create, Merge, Split, and Void Ticket. Table Allocation. Carry out.
  • Manager facilities: Drawer Pull, Drawer bleed, Credit card tips payment, POS printer reports. 
  • Kitchen receipt print for faster processing of order, wastage tracking and Multiple printer routing. 
  • Backoffice: Create master database, food list, groups, menu, modifers, cooking instruction, beverage count, shift wise dynamic pricing and festival discounts. 
  • Cash terminal: Multiple and partial payment in Cash, Debit & Credit card. Adjusment of price by discounts, tax exemption, gift card, coupons. Print Cash receipt and reports. 
  • MIS Reports: Sales summary and details report, Hourly income report, Gratuity (Tips) report, drawer pull, Credit card reports.
  • Runs in either Single PC system or Client-server mode. 
  • Lower database footprint for Apache Derby, Hibernate, Java, JavaPOS API. Tested in Windows, Linux and Mac 10.x

This is how our organisation will gain.

  • Learn from community.
  • Share technical and logistic knowledge
  • Make it sustainable through commercial customization.


Through RIGHT technology and freedom of source code we will render hassle-free service that requires minimal maintenance and maximum performance

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Right technology demonstrated by usability and userfriendliness
  2. Quality of code understood by naming convention, optimized logic and  minimum number of bugs.
  3. Freedom of source code ensured by releasing source code in a Public accessible server.


-Source code hosted in Subversion
-Standard Java Executables
-Live System (Live CD, Live DVD or USB Bootable)

Project Constraints

Open source projects may slow down due to lack of monetization and sustainable business model.